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Week of 10.31.21 CARDIO + Core/Mobility Challenge

For this week's CARDIO challenge we have the following:

10 x 250m efforts, resting 1 minute in between

Rest 3 min

Tabata Style Side to Side Squat Slams (remember these doozies??!!)

You will set a clock for 8 rounds of 20 seconds effort, 10 seconds rest.

Work it woman!!!!

Rest 3 min

2 x 500m efforts, pushing it, and resting 1 min between the 2 rounds

Core Challenge for the week includes aiming to hit the following flow 3 times this week.

Birddog to fire hydrant x 8/side (slow and controlled!)

Downdog to forearm press up to plank x 10-12

Scapula push-ups x 10

Protracted plank with knee to elbows x 6/side

Remember to move mindfully and aim to truly connect with your core along with your breath.

Mobility for this week...I want to encourage you to explore a yoga class, whether online or in person. If you regularly practice, awesome, challenge easily met! Maybe try a new teacher? Try a new class? A new variation that you aren't accustomed to?

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