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Week of 1.30.22 Cardio, Core, & Mobility

Another week, another challenge! Last week was an interesting push with that longer, more steady effort duration cardio segment. This week, let's bring it back to spicy...


8 x 400m with 1 min rest in between

Rest 2 min

1000m for time

Rest 2 min

1000m for time, aiming to beat previous effort


Aim for 30-45 seconds of work with each movement, resting as needed AND modifying as needed so that you are ultimately in control of your core and your breath throughout the entirety of the movement. Can't keep TVA engaged? Come out! In due time, you'll get there!

Deadbug to Hollow

Double Leg Stretch

Hollow to Tuck Up

Side Arch Up Series

Arch Up Series


This week we are focusing on the following flow:

Wide legged childs pose

90-90 tap around to windshield wipers

Wide legged forward fold

Side to side lateral lunge

Cossack to internal rotation (hold straps if necessary)

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