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Week of 2.6.22 Cardio, Core, & Mobility Plus Tips On Deadlifting


5 x 800m with 1:15 rest in between rounds

Rest 2 min, while setting up for the following circuit. Idea is to push but not entirely red line. Use your breath as your guide. Try to never fully stop moving. Cycle wise, absolutely check in with yourself. If you're in your Luteal phase or bleed, pull back (if that's what your body is saying).

3 Rounds of the following, aiming for continuous flow:

Ski 250m

Squat with a pulse x 15 (wt'd or not, up to you)

Plank up downs x 12

KBS x 20 or KB Deadlift x 12 (if you're not cozy with swings work on your deadlift!)

Front rack curtsy lunge with overhead press x 12 (6/side)

Goblet Bulgarian split squat x 12 (6/side)


Keeping it minimal this week with the hope of you aiming to dial these two movements in. Aim for 30 second efforts in each movement for 3 rounds.

Beast Shoulder Taps

Downdog to push-up + plank knee to elbow


Truly, I want to challenge you this week...and maybe for two weeks....

What would it feel like to wake up and do this little Inchworm Flow for 4-5 reps on each side, every morning for 1-2 weeks???

Let's find out. Film it (I will), and share it. Let's do a tag too: #morningrunsun as it contains runners lunge and feels like a sun salutation. Tag me so I can see it!!!! And how about this, individual who completes AND shares the most #morningrunsun will receive a box of LMNT electrolyte packets which are my absolute favorite!


If you want to be able to swing a kettlebell, you must first be able to deadlift. Here are my top tips:

Take your time

One of the most important pieces is your SETUP. Never rush your setup.

Go barefoot if possible

If you know me, you also know I LOVE training barefoot as this gives you such fantastic sensory feedback and aids in the development and sharpening of proprioception (your bodys' ability to sense it's position, aka spacial body awareness).

Learn what your neutral spine feels like

When we deadlift, we hinge and we want to maintain a neutral spine. This does not necessarily mean a completely flat back. There can be a slight curves along your spine as this is naturally how your spine is.

Learn how to create a Canister

What do I mean by a canister? I am referring to your core...the front, sides, top, bottom, and back of your truck...when engaged appropriately, they manage your intra abdominal pressure and keep all things pressurized in the right ways, meaning there should be no extra strain on your back, pelvic floor, etc. One way to improve your ability to create this canister is to do the weekly core challenges that I throw your way. They all integrate your TVA (transverse abdominis) AND theoretically should be helping you to establish a stronger neurological connection to your entire core (pelvic floor, rectus abdominis, internal/external obliques, diaphragm, mulitifidus) which in the end will make creating and connecting to this canister in lifts much more accessible.

Pack your shoulders down

If your shoulders are creeping up in the bottom position, we gotta get you to pull them back down away from your ears. This "pull down and back" sensation will create tension forces that enable you to keep your lats engaged and keep the bell in the right spot.

Put the bell in the right spot: between your ankle bones

When on the ground, the bell should live in between your ankle bones. Absolutely not in front. Perhaps behind if you are practicing the DV8 start.

Breathe with every rep

Inhale down. Exhale up. All while maintaining your canister.

Watch your joint alignment.

It does not matter if your toes are straight ahead or slightly turned out, as long as your knees are tracking in that same direction.

Shoulders remain above hips, hips remain above knees.

Deadlifts involve flexion and extension of your hips and knees. You should feel your glutes and hamstrings.

The following clip shows how I like to set up for my deadlift, beginning with creating that canister, pulling my ribs down and bracing, then guiding my hips back and down to make contact with the bell. Try this on your own and film it. Feel free to send it to me or be your own coach, seeing where there is room for improvement (there always is!). Aim for sets of 5 reps and really ensure you're feeling a contraction/sensation in your hamstrings.

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