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Certified Personal Trainer & Coach

B.S Nutrition | NASM-CPT | XPT Coach | FFB-PPCES | PN1

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Kari Sullivan

Certified Personal Trainer

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Kari Sullivan is a certified personal trainer and wellness coach with over 14 years of experience in the industry.


Certifications and credentials include:


✔ Fit for Birth-PPCES

✔ XPT Coach

 Precision Nutrition, Level 1

✔ University of Massachusetts, B.S Nutrition

Kari is an expert in:

Mindfulness, self-love, and self-acceptance

✔ Improving body mechanics

✔ Healing diastasic recti

 Core activation and proper engagement

✔ Glute activation and development

✔ Breath work


Imagine what it would feel like to love yourself, to feel strong, to be confident in your body and your movements. It’s all possible, let me show you how.

I share my journey to self love to inspire and help others find their own path. For me it involved mindful movement, development of body awareness, intentional living, and reprogramming my thoughts.

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Kari's vision is that everyone is deserving of self love and self acceptance.


Her mission as a personal trainer and wellness coach is to empower women to let go of their limiting stories and beliefs and step into their power.


Kari's vision is to support and facilitate self love and self acceptance in everyone that she encounters.

Kari believes that mindset is everything. She assists training and coaching clients in shifting their perspective by dropping their limiting beliefs and taking ownership of their lives.


She believes that a functional foundation must be (re)built in order to support a healthy, strong body, and incorporates mindful movement to do so. 

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