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Week of 2.13.22 Cardio Challenge

Keeping this short and sweet ya'll- let's get after it!


Reminder that these efforts can be performed on a rower or any other type of cardio you prefer, aiming for 4-4:30 minute strong efforts.

4 x 1000m efforts with 2 minutes rest in between

That is it! Your goal with this:

-push steadily, don't go too hard too fast

-aim to maintain control of your breath, knowing it'll be faster/heavier than normal

-trust your body and listen to it...if you're in the first half of your cycle (follicular/ovulationo) you may be more inclined to push, so do that. Second half of your cycle (luteal/bleed) you may want to pull back a bit- listen to that.


I'd like to encourage you to continue on the challenge of last week which was a gentle little combo of movements that helped to open up your hips, thoracic spine, inner thighs, neck, and hamstrings. Remember, that if you simply film yourself and tag me along with #morningrunsun you will be entered to win a box of LMNT, so let's go and see you get limber!

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