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The DV8 Start

**I am now a camera/lighting snob and do not love the quality of these videos!!! The content will remain the same but I will be updating the videos this week!

Hi! On 3.1.21, at the start of this programming, we began to introduce more kettlebell work. I also introduced you to the DV8 start method. I want to take some time to go over this method and offer some video tutorials that hopefully help to make this start more approachable. We have 3 more weeks of working on these movements and trying to get more comfortable with our discomfort around them. This is growth!!!

I highly recommend starting lighter and allowing yourself some time and space to get familiar with this new technique. Less is more, for real!

If you are familiar with kettlebells, you will know that this start is...different. Truthfully, I didn't love it at first! But once I worked through some rough and ugly reps, I started to feel the difference. What's the difference? There is no momentum so YOU GENERATE ALL THE POWER YOURSELF. If you know me at all and my preferred training methods, you know I like to feel pure power and not rely on momentum so this is kind of the perfect start for such training!

In the following videos I discuss the DV8 start, first starting off with the deadlift. Why here? This movement is not quite ballistic and can be done with less focus on speed and more of generation of power and proper alignment. It is also the base for the swing, the clean, and the snatch...they all essentially start with a 'pull' from the floor, aka a deadlift. Sidenote: I like to think of 'pushing' into the floor as I 'pull' the weight up while maintaining a long spine, engaged lats, and braced core.

Next, I discuss the difference between a traditional start and the DV8 start. I think it can be helpful to know your options. In class, I will be using the DV8 start.

In the following video I go over the Kettlebell Clean with the DV8 start.

Here we have the Kettlebell Snatch with the DV8 start.

And finally, we have the Kettlebell Swing.

What questions do you have regarding this method? Regarding kettlebells? Let me know and I will answer what I can! Feel free to email me

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