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B.S. Nutrition | NASM-CPT | XPT Coach | FFB-PPCES | PN1

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Full Body Kettlebell
8 week program

Improve your overall strength, training just 3 days a week, with kettlebells. Each week contains push, pull, and full-body workouts.

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Kari Sullivan

Strong Body, Strong Mind.

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My mission as a personal trainer and coach is to empower individuals to let go of their limiting beliefs and insecurities while helping them to step into their power.  More recently, I have also become very interested in hormonal health along with aging gracefully, which has inspired me to help women regulate their hormones and to prioritize building and maintaining lean muscle mass.

I help facilitate transformation, both physical and mental, through the integration of the following practices: 

Strength training

✔ Meditation, mantra, breath work, & journaling

✔ Cycle synching

 Exposure therapy

✔ Cultivating self love

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