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First, here's a lookie look at what our upper body days have been containing. We've been focusing on pulling, which means we've been hitting the rear delts, back, and biceps to various degrees. Remember, classes are designed to challenge you through progressive overload, so where ever you start is fine, just as long as you keep challenging yourself by either increasing reps, sets, or wts.


Ooooo! I am loving these! They are hard, yes, but we can do hard things and don't you forget that! Remember, that if you tag me and share your efforts, I am happily offering you a 15 minute coaching call to discuss whatever it is you're feeling called to. If you're not a social media person, you can easily send me a picture and a little rant about how much you loved/hated the challenge. Doing so is proven to help :)

Challenge this week:

1,000m for time

Rest 3 minutes

5 x 200m

Resting 1 minute in between

4 x 100m

Resting 1 minute in between


This week, while filming at the gym, there was substantial noise so instead of throwing a tantrum, I worked with the noise knowing I could at least offer voice here we are! I have added verbal cues to the core videos but not to the mobility as it may be best for you to simply throw on some tunes and stretch. Please note that the mobility flow is also sped up, so please don't move through it following my false pace...move mindfully and breathe nasally, relaxing your nervous system as you flow.

Banded Anti-Rotation x 15 into Banded Rotation x 15

No band? Try what's shown at the end: Side plank row and reach x 15 into Thread the Needle x 15

Half Kneeling Halos x 5/direction

Half Kneeling Windmills x 6-10 per side (use light weight!)

Mobility Flow

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