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Week of 9.19.21 Cardio, Core, and Mobility Challenge

**click image above for a glimpse into this months Glute & Core workout**

Core and Mobility for Week of 9.19.21

New week, new challenge! At least once this week, I want you all to hit this cardio challenge!!!!

Cardio Challenge:

You choose your method (bike, run, ski erg, rower, jump rope, etc)

12 x 100 m (or about 1 minute effort) with 1 minute rest in between

It's not the most pleasant but it is short and spicy, leaving your heart worked which is super important. You can use this challenge as an opportunity to also work on your nervous system regulation, aka breath work- How quickly can you simmer down and recover your heart rate and rate of breathing after these 12 rounds? Addition to the challenge: tag me in a showcase of your efforts and I will hop on a 15 min ZOOM coaching call with you where we can discuss movement, mindset, or nutrition.

Use the following core set as a supplement to your other On Demand workouts, moving mindfully and aiming to connect with your breath as well as your TVA.

If you are a subscriber, you have access to this video in your On Demand library.

This week we utilizing TRX and a kettlebell. If you don't have TRX, do not worry, I got you!

3 rounds of the following:

TRX Hip Hikes x 10 **no TRX? Perform a plank hip hike**

Plank kettlebell pull thrus x 10

Boat pose x 20ish seconds

Mobility wise we are working on opening up our hips via the following:


Runners lunge


Psoas stretch from a half kneeling position

And then a little bonus wrist stretch session.

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