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Week of 9.13.21: Cardio Challenge, Core, & Mobility

Wednesday's: Cardio and Core/Mobility (to do on your own)

I am including the Cardio + Core/Mobility component of your program ahead of time on Sunday's leading into the week and this will be available to you only in the On Demand library so if you're not subscribed, get on it!

For the Cardio component I'd like to see ya'll get into something for at least 15-20 minutes. This can look however you want it to from hiking, running, jogging, biking, dancing, you name it-if it get's your heart rate up, it counts!

I will be doing:

5 x 500m ski, Rest 1 min in between rounds

Rest 3 minutes

5 x 250m ski, Rest 1 min in between rounds

Now, we don't need to compare numbers/performance, but I'd love to see you get in on this with me!!!!! Tag me in your stories during the aftermath or simply send me a text saying "dead" haha and I'll know exactly what you mean!

I also realized that I used the wrong link in my newsletter to the Full Body Strength Session, VIIT Style, so here is the correct one. Just click the image below and you will be brought there.

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