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Week of 12.12.21 Cardio, Core, & Mobility Challenge

It's a new week...will you rise to the challenge and complete the following???

In honesty, I did not do last weeks' Cardio portion as I took place in a ski-erg event raising money for Protect Our Winters (donate here). It was gnarly and I loved it. Teams of 4, 20 minutes of just all out ripping. We accumulated 5790 meters and were pretty happy with our efforts! We all agreed to improve upon our technique for next years fundraiser so we could get a little closer to the 1st place team which had nearly 1,000 extra meters on us!!!


Warm yourself up, think roll out lats, triceps, & maybe some nice easy pulls for 250m or so then get into the following beast:

12 x 350m with 45 sec rest

*Equivalent will be about 1 1/2 min efforts

Rest 3 min

1 x 500m for time, aiming to get close to 2 minutes!

*Equivalent will be a hard 2 min effort


Aim for 3-4 rounds of the following, resting for 45 sec after each round

Beast Lift Offs on Gliders x 8-12

Beast with Hip Extension on Gliders x 8-10/leg

Glider Adduction in Frog x 8-12

Beast to Pike Up x 8-12


I showed this same exact flow a few weeks ago, but in a faster fashion. This time I slowed it down to real time and guide you through each pose with cueing. I LOVE THIS FLOW! It just feels so juicy and nourishing to me and my tight hips these days! Follow along or go with your own flow. The poses include:

Mountain Pose

Rolling Forward Folds

Rag Doll

Swaying Rag Doll


1-Legged Dog

Open Hips

Flip Your Dog

Thread Thru to Fallen Triangle

Seated Wide Legged Forward Fold

Fallen Triangle

1-Legged Dog

Half Pigeon

Quad Stretch

1-Legged Dog


Repeat On Other Side

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