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Cardio Challenge:

On a ski erg or rower, perform the following:

6 x 400m with 1 min rest in between each (equivalent is about 1:45 sec effort running, versa climber, jump rope, etc)

Rest 3 min

8 x 150m with 45 sec rest in between each (equivalent will be about 30-40 second efforts)

Rest 3 min

Tabata Lunge jumps, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds

Core Challenge:

Single arm iso hold + leg lowers x 8-10 per side

Supported side plank knee to elbow with band x 10/side

1/2 Kneeling anti-rotation + pulse x 12 rotations + 20 pulses

Mobility Flow:

You can follow along with the video, although I would suggest moving a bit slower, feeling into what you and your body needs.

Supported low lunge

Hamstring stretch (kneeling 1/2 splits)

Psoas reach

Pyramid pose

Forward fold

Reverse through, repeating all movements on other side


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