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Week of 11.21.21 CARDIO Challenge + Core & Mobility

Ok, so last week's challenge absolutely kicked my ass. The first part was so tough! But as always, I am really stoked to have completed it and felt really great afterwards. How'd you feel?? Did you go for it or say "Kari, you're fucking crazy".

Remember that our bodies require stress to change, to adapt, to grow. Ideally we choose this amount of stress and where it comes from but all things considered, this is not the case most days. Most days we have unwanted stressors that can really take a toll on us. This is why I suggest checking in with yourself daily, before all workouts, to see what's actually realistic in regards to your efforts and output. If your system is already overly stressed, adding in HIIT style bouts of cardio may not do you any good- in fact it will just increase your cortisol which is already elevated if you are stressed/overtired and that'll most likely lead to more storage of abdominal fat and although I am not here to make assumptions, I will make the assumption in this case that you do not want to increase abdominal fat. The workout can always be altered to something less intense and that's the beauty of being an empowered being- you get to choose your intensity level based off of a reading of your body and mind. You are in control.

If you need suggestions on how to pull back, just reach out. Reminder to us all that we can not always go HAM. Some days must be lighter in physical demands along with emotional and mental. This allows us to push harder on the days when we can.

CARDIO Challenge:

The following can be done on any machine, outdoors with running or biking, jump rope, etc.

5 x 2 min, rest 1 min in between each round

Rest 3 min

10 x 1 min, rest 1 min in between each round

Rest 3 min

Close out with 1,000 m effort for time. If you don't have a ski erg or rower, consider hauling ass for about 4-5 minutes. How far can you get??

I will also be holding myself to the following challenge(s):

20,000 steps per day (on busy work days I am hitting 10,000-13,000 but I am aiming to see 20,000 everyday this week

6 mile trail run on Thanksgiving Day


Perform the following sequence of movements for 3-4 rounds, 2-3 times this week. Move mindfully, be present, and breathe throughout the movements.

Resisted Deadbug x 30 sec hold

Weighted Deadbug Leg Extension with Isometric Hold x 20 sec/side

Incline Plank with Banded Knee Drives x 12 slow + 10 fast

Single Leg Toe Touch x 10-12/side


Ahhhh a nice little flow that I found to be really fun and freeing. Feel free to follow along or see the list here of ideas of what to incorporate into your own flow to target your adductors and QL/Erectors:

Mountain Pose

Lateral Side Bends

Forward Fold, rolling through the spine

Rag Doll

Tiny Ball

Sun Salutation A

Single Leg Mountain Pose

Airplane to Crescent

Revolved Crescent Lunge

Side Angle Pose

Star to Horse

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