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Week of 11.14.21: CARDIO + Core and Mobility


These are not my favorite, as stated in last week's IG post (shown here) BUT I do them because I know how good they are for me, mentally and physically. I try to stay hyper focused on my nervous system, observing how it's responding to the work load and meeting it where it's asking me to meet it. There are days where we can fucking haul and crush- and those feel absolutely amazing! Then there are days where we are dragging- these feel terrible. Either way, there is so much to learn from both experiences so keep reminding yourself of such.

Intervals for time, done anywhere you'd like!

10 x 2 min, resting 1 min in between rounds

Rest 3 min

8 x 30 sec, resting 30 sec in between

Rest 3 min

Box jumps or Single leg step ups with weight x 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off for 10 rounds


Perform 3-4 rounds of the following, aiming to do so 2-3 times this week to really work your adductors, which in my opinion is such a marvelous feeling!

-Deficit Copenhagens x 8-12 per side (either knee on bench or leg extended for more advanced)

-Incline Side Plank Knee to Opposite Elbow x 10-12 per side

-Plank Knees to Elbows + Walk Back x 8-10 (more advanced go ahead and elevate your feet!)


Feel free to listen in and hear me cue you through this 8 minute flow or hit mute and flow as you will. Here we are focusing on opening up the front of the shoulder complex and addressing the adductor line.

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