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Week of 1.23.22 Cardio, Core, & Mobility


This week I am keeping things long and more mellow...think long duration with lower intensity. Cycle wise, this would be perfect for right before or during a bleed.

Preferably, you are hopping between two pieces of equipment. I will be using a ski erg and a rower but you can use whatever you have access to.

I will share equivalents in time for those that don't have access to ski erg/rower.

Row 1,000m (about 4-5 min effort)

Ski 1,000m (about 4-5 min effort)

Row 750m (about 3ish min effort)

Ski 750m (about 3ish min effort)

Row 500m (about 2 min effort)

Ski 500m (about 2 min effort)

Row 250m (about 1 min effort)

Ski 250m (about 1 min effort)

If feeling super feisty, return back up to 1000m on each.


Back to basics. These are the foundational movements that I bring all of my one on one clients through in order to help them connect with their core. The main focus here is TVA (transverse abdominis) engagement and pairing breath with movement.

Pelvic Tilts Via Pelvic Floor Activation

Active Core Lying Knee Lifts

Active Core Lying Leg Extensions (option to add arm extensions)

Active Core Lying Toe Taps, Knees Together (or modify by tapping one foot at a time)


Focusing here on a straddle forward fold, lengthening the inner thigh line and helping to open up our hips as well as mobilize the entire pelvic region.

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