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Week of 1.15.22 Cardio, Core, & Mobility Challenge

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

This week we are going HAM on the cardio portion. These will be tough. Or let me rephrase that, these should be quite fucking challenging. If you're not questioning me, your existence, or whether you can finish, then I'd say you have some extra effort to give- that is unless of course you are bleeding in which case your body may be telling you to chill and then I'd want you to do just that...chill....still ski or move your body, but at a more chill effort.


10 x 350 with 1:15 rest in between

Rest 3 min

100 box jumps for time OR 50 step ups per leg for time. MOVE!


Perform the following three movements for 30-45 seconds each. You'll likely want to rest about 1 minute in between rounds. Repeat for 3-4 rounds. Slow, mindful, controlled movements.

Lying Leg Lowers

Single Leg Bridge with Knee to Chest (30-45 sec per side- will get your booty too!!)

Side to Side Hollow Rolls


As always, this has been sped up so that I don't bore you yet can provide an example of what the following movements are. Follow along at your own pace:

Cat Cow

Pedaling Down Dog

Forward Fold Wrist Taps

Wide Legged Forward Fold with Twist

Wide Legged Forward Fold Spinal Waves

Lizard or Runners Lunge

Add in a Twist


Switch Sides



Cobra with Shoulder Dips

Supported Upward Dog, Tented Finger Tips, Wide Stance

Psoas Release with Orb

Hamstring Release/Stretch with a Band


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