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Updates for Week of 8.10

Class Schedule & Updates

Please remember that all classes, live or recorded, are donation based. For those that have been here since March, you all have been absolutely wonderful. Thank you so very much! For anyone who is new, donations are up to you, with a recommended sliding scale of $10-$20 per class/video. With these shorter 15 minute classes please adjust to whatever feels right for you!

This week I am again running with some shorter classes. If you're a visual person, please see schedule at end of this email. There will be two 45 minute classes (Monday: Leg/glute strength & Friday HIIT), while the remaining classes will be 30 minutes (Tues and Thurs live, Wed recorded). Mobility is being added in on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.

Wednesday LIVE is canceled as your girl is hiking. Gotta live that life!!!

Feedback has been that these shorter classes are being enjoyed! This of course makes me happy as I am a people pleaser at my core. I think this is also allowing some of us to see that you don't always need an hour of crushing in order to feel good in our bodies. Mindful movement for the win!!!


The time has come...I am ready to offer online workshops. Below you will find dates and topics of workshops, along with cost. I am STILL in the process of website development and when that's complete you will be able to sign up and purchase right there from the website. Until then, mark your calendars and we can communicate via email regarding bookings. Every session will be recorded, therefor if a particular session interests you and you can't make it, still sign up and you can be sent the recording to watch on your own time.

Wednesday, August 19th at 6pm

Tools to discover active glutes

Equipment: mini band, hip sling


Tuesday, September 8th at 6pm

Core bracing

Equipment: a mat, a medium dumbbell/kb


Wednesday, September 16th at 6pm

Mindful breathing

Equipment: a mat and comfortable place to lay or sit


Saturday, September 19th at Noon

Deadlifting with active glutes

Equipment: hip sling, kettlebell or dumbbell


What other topics do you want to see covered? Simply reply to this email and let me know!

Re-Program: A course on self love

Re-programming our thoughts is the key to self love and essentially any personal growth. It is not the easiest process. Our limiting beliefs and our stories serve a purpose: they keep us where we are at and our bodies/mind like homeostasis. These stories allow us to live small, to not take risks, and to not be exposed to failure. We would rather sit in our familiar shit and stink than take the risk of attempting a new approach to free ourselves. The risk of the unknown and unfamiliar is often times too scary. But if we want a taste of real, long lasting joy, we must step away from these thoughts and limiting beliefs. We must start to re-program our thoughts. We must take that courageous step towards the unfamiliar...towards love.

I am teaching this course because I live in re-programming. Everyday I choose to redirect my thoughts from negative, limiting beliefs, toward supportive affirmations, behaviors, and routines that are paving the way for growth. The topics and tools we cover in Re-Program are the supportive pillars necessary to facilitate such growth.

Learning to pause, to bring awareness, will be one of the most valuable tools within this course. It is in this space that we can shift, and the shift is what we seek. A life free of that internal voice that's always telling you how unworthy you are, how you're not enough, how no one can possibly love you. Freedom from that voice is possible. I know because I found it.

If any of this feels like it's tugging on you a bit, let it. Be curious. And be courageous. You are worth the exploration and anything is possible.

If you are interested in this course, please reach out to me at

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