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Tips for the Front Rack Positon

Hello! If you don't know, I love requests as they help me help you! Per request, I am here today to discuss ways to make the front rack position more comfortable (is that even possible?!) and more accessible (for sure a possibility!).

First I'd like to discuss key parts of the front rack position:

1: Weights are at the front of the body, not the back (i.e a barbell backsquat)

2: Elbows are lifted

3: Chest is lifted

4: Shoulders are pulled back

This all may seem easy on paper's not. Especially if you are tight in one or many of the following areas:


-shoulder region (rotator cuff, lats, deltoids, traps)

-thoracic spine

The following bits of mobility were discussed in this video. I would recommend being in these positions for 20-45 seconds. If your hands get tingly or numb, do not push it. Come out and know that your time in each position will increase as your range of motion increases. Movements to work on in order to improve mobility in the front rack position include but are not limited to:

-arms extended on bench, thoracic extension

-elbows on bench, thoracic extension with wt

-broom stick rotator cuff holds

-standing elbow lifts

-thoracic extensions on foam roller

-tricep stretch, either with the use of your other hand OR with a band

Activation and strength to help with the front rack position (by no means a complete list!):

-bent over scapula retractions (shown a few ways) (also shown with no weight...over time add 2.5-5lbs)

-back extensions with retractions

-superman lift with retraction

-scapula push-ups, in either quadruped position or plank

-banded overhead reach (very important!)

-front rack holds

In order to improve/progress, you will need to do some homework! Pick two mobility exercises to start with along with 2 activation/strength movements and run through 3 sets 3 times a week. This may take 10 minutes max and it is very much so worth it. Not only for improvements in your front rack position but also more knowledge of your body and bonus, improved posture!

If you have questions about these movements, please reach out! As stated above, I love requests so please keep them coming!!!!

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