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New Year, Now What?

You've got goals, now let's get after them! In conjunction with my last blog post on establishing goals, these are my tips on how to follow through and have your best chance at successfully reaching your goals.

Make sure your goals are manageable and realistic.

-if it's a massive goal, break it down into smaller bits, that way you aren't overwhelmed AND stoke your own fire as you achieve smaller successes on the way to the bigger goal

-allow space for shifts, as in, what if you face a pandemic (hello)

-allow time for check in's asking yourself where your head and heart are in regards to each individual goal. Again, grant yourself permission to shift, whether that's letting go of a goal or intensifying the mission

Make yourself accountable by sharing your goals with others.

-sharing your goals will most definitely help build accountability

-this can be with a partner, friend(s), book club (hey ladies!!), social media

-ask for support when you need it, reminding yourself that others want to see you succeed

-check in with yourself in regards to your own accountability. Are you stalling? If so, why? Is this a goal that no longer serves you?

Assess and observe your progress.

-this is similar to what I mentioned above, but breaking your goal down into smaller, more manageable parts is one way to track your progress and flame your fire

-figure out a way to track that will actually work for you, like spreadsheets, paper calendar, electronic calendar, an Action Pad (from the Action Method), post-it's, dry erase board, etc.

Check in with yourself, at least quarterly.

-this falls in line with tracking progress and I can't stress enough how important it is to sit down and review your goals on a quarterly (at least) basis.

-when you check in on yourself and your progress, see what adjustments need to be made to keep the flow going and reach them goals!!!

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