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My personal favorite ways to start the day

If you follow on instagram, you already know: Dancing in the mirror + supportive affirmations.

Where did this come from?

Let's be real, I am not the first person to do this. I was inspired by fathers on social media who would stand in front of the mirror with their little girls and guide them as they recited things like:

"I am beautiful"

"I am strong"

"I am intelligent"

"I am courageous"

"I am kind"

I loved it. Like loved loved loved. And also instantly thought to myself how different life would have been had I been supported in this way, so directly. So I started to write in my journal, things very similar to what these little girls would say. Every day I would write something positive and supportive.

I recognized during this time that I was still being pretty harsh to myself when I stood in front of a mirror. These little girls were saying their affirmations in front of the mirror so I realized it may be helpful to do so myself.

At first it felt really really awkward...foreign and disturbing almost. One day I had music playing and it seemed to really soften the edge for me, so then that's where music came into play. The dancing piece was natural...if I wasn't on camera. I caught myself freezing anytime I was going to film myself dancing, getting all up in my head and overthinking. That's when I knew I needed to proceed and push through the discomfort.

I am sharing all of this because I keep receiving messages telling me how impactful these morning dances that I share have been to people. A father reached out to tell me that he started doing morning dance sessions with his children and it has entirely shifted the energy and mood in the house to something high vibe and full of love- how cool is that??!!!

You are you, and you get to choose how to start your day, every single day...again, how cool is that? When we show up with love and lightness for ourselves, it really does trickle to all other relationships and areas of our lives. It's such a simple thing, to shimmy a little in the morning, to say I love you to yourself in the mirror. Give it a go for a few days and see how things begin to shift.

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