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Letting Go: Releasing Beliefs That No Longer Serve You

Letting go...a theme I am going through right now, and perhaps you are as well? Originally my share on Instagram (@karisullivanfitness) was referring to letting go of a relationship and the way we knew it existed. This was sooo hard and I am not quite ready to discuss that yet but, it brought to light the resistance I have in general to letting go. Which then made me think of other things I have struggled to let go of and one of the biggest has been my long held belief that I am unlovable. This ties into a belief of "I am not worthy" but ultimately it all comes back to "I am not lovable". Writing or speaking out loud that long held belief of "I am not lovable" feels so icky. I know it is not true, yet it's been quite the challenge to let go of. Here I discuss why it's so challenging to let go of our beliefs, even when they don't serve our highest good. After listening, journal about the following: -What are your long held beliefs? If it helps, sometimes these can be referred to as limiting beliefs...what are your limiting beliefs? -If you know where the known path takes you, what is the risk in taking the unknown where you let go of your limiting beliefs? -What are all of the things that could happen if you take the unknown path?

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