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Getting Crafty Can Ease Your Nervous System

I subscribe to an excellent little newsletter (in my opinion) called the Daily Skimm. In today's newsletter there was a link to some craft ideas which at first I was like "Hell No, too much on my plate as is, I ain't got time for fucking crafts!" And then I realized how absurd I was being and all too dramatic.

As a child I crafted all the time. My first college degree is one of Art. Since adulthood I have lost touch with my creative side when it comes to art specifically. I am still creative in workouts and programming but I actually miss being crafty, specifically collaging, that was my jam.

The article called to me because 1) I miss this creative outlet and 2) It really was a fantastic way to wind down, aka bring myself back into a parasympathetic state.

What is your parasympathetic state? It's when your nervous system is more calm, ready for rest and digest. When we are in our day to day lives, filled with stressors, chances are we are in our sympathetic state, which is fight or flight. Ideally we want to learn how to come into our parasympathetic state more than sympathetic.

So when I originally made a fuss and said I have no time for art, I humbly digress. I can make time, knowing that even 15 minutes of Zen Doodling can make a positive impact on my well being.

Here's the link to the article. Arts and Crafts date anyone?? Vision board for 2021??? Socially distanced? Zoom it up? I've got a large open gym space...just saying. We shouldn't get too high on toxic fumes from glue...

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