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A Brief Discussion on Overtraining

Building awareness around your training habits to ensure they are supporting you as opposed to hindering.

Our society and culture have us believing more is more, when in fact that is almost never the case. The idea of less most certainly freaks many of us out and that's to be expected as we've come to truly believe that we must always do more. Take it from me, an individual all too familiar with overtraining, that LESS is MORE.

In this video, I discuss societal brainwashing and some common signs of overtraining so that you can do one thing: build awareness. It all starts with awareness. Become aware if any of the following occur for you. If they do, just notice, "ah, hmmm, interesting". Ask yourself how you feel? Ask yourself when was your last rest day? Are you getting two a week at a minimum?

Let's talk rest day real quick too...

I myself used to be a major fan of active rest days. To me that meant hiking with Penny but no time with the weights. I have been reassessing that perspective for some time now and have felt that it is ultimately up to my body. If my body is saying go for it and feels refreshed then we will hike on a rest day. These are usually much smaller and lighter hikes, more flat. Today is a rest day and at 2pm I have hit 2038 steps. My usual daily step count is 10,000-20,000 so I'd say today is a kickass rest day!!! This would mentally kill me years ago but in truth, today it feels really damn good. Like really good.

I know doing less can feel really scary. If you took a chance, and tried less, what if it did the exact opposite of your fears and supported you in the most beautiful ways? You will never know unless you try, so try less.

You are beautiful. You are worthy. And you are loved.


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