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4 Week Programming: What to Expect of Yourself

If you are currently training with me, whether online or in person, you are following programming that lasts 4 weeks. There are minor tweaks to the program each week but for the most part, the base of the program stays the same. Why?

Constant variation is great, and honestly one of my favorite ways to train as it keeps my mind stimulated and I feel that my body loves the variety. But, there is no substitution for repetition and when we focus on a specific lift/movement for 4 weeks (or more) we can truly see how we are adapting.

Adaptation is what improvements are made of. And let's discuss adaptation real quick before you critic yourself and your performance. Adaptation can be the following:

-increase in range of motion (ROM)

-decrease in rest time

-increase in reps

-increase in wt

-efficiency of movement

-more breath control

-more body control

Is it realistic to hit all of these points of adaptation in one 4 week training cycle? NO! Can it happen? Yes, but in general it's suggested to focus on one or two areas of adaptation. For example, our Leg Strength focus for this month is to increase our range of motion in our front squat and to increase the weight used in our front squat. Be STOKED if you hit one of these goals!!!!

Remember as well, that sometimes (actually more often than not), in order to see improvements we need to do some extra work. Coming to class or into a session is absolutely necessary and I applaud your commitment. Now I also want you to commit to 5-10 minutes a day on those extra little steps that'll help you get to your goals. Examples:

Goal: 1-5 chin-ups by March 31, 2021

-see a bar? Hang for 30-60 seconds

-try 5 negative chin-ups daily, increasing reps as they get easier

-try 1 unassisted chin-up every time you see a bar (buy a bar!!)

-get on down into buddha squat for 2 sets of 30-45 seconds every day

-work on ankle mobility for 3 x 1-3 minutes per side

-practice holding weights in the front rack position

-work on thoracic extension (shown in video)

Goal: improve resting heart rate

-check your resting heart rate each morning or track on your watch/whoop (*Speaking of, does anyone have Whoop? I am considering getting it and I believe we can build a little supportive community in the app. Let me know if you're interested in doing so!)

-work on increasing your aerobic capacity via long duration cardio (think 60+ minutes) maintaining a heart rate that is sub maximal, more like 115-130 bpm

-work on becoming more efficient with recovery during hiit workouts, aka, work on your breathing

These are just some examples of little steps that you can take each day to help you ultimately reach your goals. It is a combination of your physical efforts and then also your mindfulness, staying present and aiming to tackle your goals, one by one.

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