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Cycle Synch & Chisel
8 Week Strength Training & Hormone Education Course
Learn how to live in synch with your hormones while creating your strongest, leanest body yet.
Over the course of this 8 week training program + educational course you can expect to:

-4 Live workouts a week, all designed to build strength

-Workouts are held at either 6 or 6:30am MST but are also uploaded into an on demand library so you can do them at another time if necessary 

-Learn the principles of strength training from sets, reps, weight selection, and rest that you complete this program and have confidence designing your own workouts 

-Increase muscle mass there by increasing your resting metabolic rate

-Learn how to properly fuel your body


Each week, a lecture is released with succinct videos on that weeks hormonal topic.  These are short and sweet, easily digestible giving you the key points of that weeks discussion.  Our weekly Zoom meeting allows us to dive deeper so you have a full understanding of the following topics:

-The in's and out's of your cycle, how you as a menstruating female operate in not only the Circadian Rhythm (24 hour cycle) but also something called the Infradian Rhythm (a 28 day cycle)

-Blood sugar regulation and why it's a necessity

-Troubleshooting organs of elimination, making sure your body is eliminating what it needs to in a timely fashion

-Adrenal health

-How to cycle synch, covering nutrition, productivity, libido, exercise, and lifestyle choices

-Top hormone disruptors

-Libido and how your cycle impacts it

-Perimenopause prep

-Once a week, there is a Zoom call on Wednesdays, with a purpose of further discussing the hormonal lecture topics of that week but also open to any movement questions or concerns

-These weekly calls will be recorded and available to you in the on demand library but I highly recommend dropping into the calls for the greatest benefit